The flowers in my garden have bloomed, I can finally turn of my space heater, and I only have one more paper to write. You know what that means. SUMMER. I have been waiting for this day since summer ended last year. It is my favorite time of the year. All of my friends come home, I do not have any assignments due, and I get a long break from soccer. For this blog post I decided to write a summer to-do list of suggestions to do over summer. I know that many people will be taking summer jobs or internships, but I believe everyone needs to take some time off. Take a break, you deserve it!!


  1. Go to a concert
  2. Ride bikes
  3. Go camping
  4. Sleep at the beach
  5. Eat popsicles or snow cones
  6. Read a book out of pure enjoyment
  7. Get a nice tan
  8. Buy a hat
  9. Swim a the beach, lake, or pool
  10. Make a campfire
  11. Eat watermelon
  12. Go to a farmers market
  13. Go to an amusement park
  14. Go to the zoo
  15. Watch the sunset
  16. Watch the sun rise
  17. Have a picnic
  18. Go night swimming in the ocean (scary, but fun)
  19. Go kayaking
  20. Go Paddle Boarding
  21. Learn how to surf
  22. Be outside as much as possible
  23. Enjoy your friends
  24. Be spontaneous
  25. RELAX

10 Things to do in your twenties

A lot of blogs and Pins have been popping up on things girls in there twenties must know, or should do. Some are pretty ridiculous and will never happen, but it got me thinking. There are some habits that I think would be helpful to pick up before it is too late! Below is my idea of ten tips of things you should do in your twenties!

 1. Own at least two pairs of nice shoes

I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but lets face it. Your feet are not growing anymore. It is time to buy yourself something nice that you will be using everyday! I have had two stress fractures from wearing bad shoes and let me tell you, it is worth it to have quality shoes. They also say a lot about you, so make them cute!

2. Have a Cheat day

I am all for eating healthy, but everyone slips here and there. I try and eat as healthy as I can during the week and have my guilty cheat meal on the weekend because I deserve it, DUH!

3. Drink water, lots of water

I have noticed a major difference in my skin and overall health when I do not drink enough water. It’s too early for wrinkles, drink up.

4.  Coconut oil is your best friend

Coconut oil does miracles. My freshman year when I came to New Mexico I broke out so badly, and my hair started to fall out because of how dry it was. I had no idea how to deal with it. Coconut oiled solved it. Rub it on your skin like lotion, and apply it to your scalp and ends of your hair.

5. Money does not grow on trees, learn to budget

Learn how to manage your money and make smart choices throughout the day. Every month you should set aside money for your savings.

6. Make friends a priority

As I have gotten older, it has been harder to keep friendships. Even though I go to school out of state, I still have friends from high school back home. These are people I need in my life and are worth the effort to keep!

7. Be Adventurous

See the world, even if you begin with small adventures right around you. Grab some friends and make a memory.

8. Get off your phone

I can’t tell you how many minutes of my life are wasted on my phone. Stop stalking what fun things other people are doing and go do them yourself!

9. Be single and ready to mingle

There is nothing too serious in your early twenties. It is a time for new experiences and relationships. Meet the world, and do not let anyone hold you back!

10. Remember there is always time for family

Even though I have moved out of the house, I try and make sure to keep up with all my family members. I know it is a lame saying but relationships come and go, but family will always be there. Be the best sister, daughter, or grandchild you can be!

Finals or Cabo?

Only three weeks left of school. How am I supposed to focus knowing that I am going to CABO! I’m so excited; a group of my close friends are heading down the beginning of June for my friends 21st birthday. I have never left the country, so this is big time. Finals are SO stressful, so to distract me I have already started planning outfits I want to bring. I know this is a little extreme, but for any of you (especially girls) who have planned for a big trip, packing is the hardest part. It is Cabo so I’m guessing my main outfit will be a swimsuit, but I also want to get some cute cover up, hats, and summer dresses. Although this seems pretty simple it is nice to have some references. Below are a few ideas for summer looks whether you are traveling, going to the beach, or simply just having an easy go to outfit. BUT as I have been saying I hope all of you have an adventure to go on this summer. Get out and experience something new while you have the time off. My best memories have been mini trips with my friends. I realized I only have a few more summers until I have to get a full time job. Enjoy why you can people!

Summer attire

This outfit is so simple, but very trendy. I hate to use the word trendy, but it most definitely fits the summer attire. MUST have hat. Perfect for the beach, pool, or going out to lunch with some friends. Everyone needs a simple lace top because it goes with everything, and the shorts are perfect to go over a bathing suit or just when you feel like wearing something comfy. Shoes are also great for summer. I have seen the gladiator sandal come up in a lot of new summer lines but these are a little less intense.

91452203bd9f125354eac08be608f808I need some summer dresses and I have been diggin’ the yellow. It would probably look a lot better when I am tan, so I will have to hold off on that !


Can’t go wrong with a striped button up with white shorts. A classic simple beachy look.


ROMPER! I love rompers, it is like a 2 in 1 deal. You have shorts and a shirt in one. Easy to put together and very fashionable.

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Hats. Hats are my favorite accessory, perfect addition to an outfit.

Sooooo What Now?

The semester is coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier. At least I thought I was happy until someone this past weekend asked me what year I was. I realized I only have one more month left of being able to say I am a junior in college, and pretty soon I will have to tell people I am a senior!! Panic mode!! TIME FLIES!!! It is crazy to think that my life has been planned out until this moment. I have always felt like everything I was doing in life was leading up to college. They would say you better do well in junior high because you want to be in the right classes in high school. Finally I got to high school and all anyone would talk about was college, and what courses they needed to be accepted into the college of their dreams. For me, I never really thought about college until around my junior year when my mom told me I basically had to go to community college because we couldn’t afford to send me away to a 4 year. I ended up committing to UNM for a soccer scholarship and I couldn’t have been more excited. That seems like just a year ago, and now I am a year from graduating. I have to say this is one of the scariest times of my life. It is the one moment that is not structured, not planned, and left in my own control as I am sure many of you are experiencing.

Everyone keeps reassuring me that I shouldn’t be afraid, and this is the best time of my life. Let me tell you, I still have NO idea what job I want to have when I am done. I am hoping my dream job finds me, but in the mean time I really want to travel. I watched my sister go straight from her undergrad to grad school and it seemed absolutely miserable. So I am going to learn from her rough experience and take a break after school before I decide if I’m going to go to grad school or straight to work. I know I still have a full year to graduate, but why not have something to look forward to. I’m going to start researching travel destination now, and try and narrow down a place I want to visit. I know that I do not really want to visit very populated cities like Rome and Paris, rather I want to see other coast of the world like in Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, or Vietnam. Yes, I know those are all very different place, but there is just so much out there I want to see! It is embarrassing, but I do not even have a passport….

Below I will post some tips and blogs to planning destinations to travel. I’m going to spread on the advise I have been given a dozen times, your early twenties are your selfish years so fill them with new experiences and things that make you happy.

Possible destinations




New Zealand

(visit the Shire from Lord of The Rings)

yes I am a nerd.



looks very rad

I want to ride an elephant


Fashion on a Budget

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to pull out those spring clothing lines. This spring I have been seeing a lot of boyfriend jeans, and baggy ripped high wasted shorts. I have needed a good pair of jeans, so I decided to go out and find a pair. This lead me to almost tears. I’m being dramatic, but it was the most difficult thing! Jeans are so hard to find because everyone has very different body types. For example I play soccer and have to lift weights, so therefore I have some pretty muscular legs. Boyfriend jeans are meant to look pretty baggy, but when I tried them on they looked like skinny jeans! I know that I’m not fat, but I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try on a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly around the waist, but struggle to get past my thighs! Most jeans that are sold at the stores are made for one body type, the body type that isn’t mine! I went to a boutique where I found a pair of 7 For All Man Kind Jeans that fit me well, I didn’t love them, but they fit. I looked at the price and it was $250 for a pair of jeans that I didn’t even love! Finally I decided I was going to try and make my own jeans because clearly this wasn’t working.

I headed to good will and looked for a pair of light looking jeans. You have to be open-minded because they will look better after some fixing! I brought in about 4 pairs of mom jeans to the dressing room. They were pretty high wasted, so it fit around my waste perfectly and they were baggy around my legs, just like boyfriend jeans. I bought two pairs to experiment with for $8 dollars a pair. When I got home I Pinterested DIY ripped jeans. I found an awesome link from Free People (I will post the link below). I did this with my first pair, and they turned out great!! The second pair I decided to try my own version and I got so many compliments! When I went to UCSB for spring break, my very fashionable friend asked me where I got my jeans. She was shocked to hear I made them myself.

As an undergrad in college I know that most people are livin on a major budget. I couldn’t afford to go spend $250 dollars on jeans. If you have a little patients and an open mind when going to the thrift store, you can really create something awesome. Another thing I liked about making my own jeans was that no one had the same pair. Whenever I go to my social medias, I will see the ten girls wearing the same outfit because they all shop at the same trending store. Making your own jeans it incredibly cheap, fun, and fashionable.

Spring Break: Family, Friends, and Errands

Spring break was just what I needed, but was such a tease!! I decided to go home this spring break, and avoid the classic spring break ragers. My freshman year of college I decided to have a true spring break in Lake Havasu, and while I will say it was an experience I will never forget, it wasn’t one that needed to be repeated. This spring break was needed for major relaxation and I had a few things that had to be done. One of the major reasons I kind of had to go home was to get a new license.

Let me tell you my life is all over the place. So first of all, my legal name is Taylor Jane Hinman. Before I was born my parents signed the birth certificate, thinking they were going to name me Taylor. When I was actually born they decided I looked more like a Katie, but decided never to go back and change it. Simple for them, HORRIBLE for me. It was so embarrassing having everyone know you as Katie, but then the role is called and the teacher calls Taylor. Then they will ask, “Oh is Katie your middle name?” and then I will have to proceed to explain, no Katie is absolutely nowhere in my legal name, in front of the whole class and they just look at me like a loon! As if I chose to make my name this way. Now I can’t stand the name Taylor (sorry if any of your names are Taylor) because once people in Jr. high and high school found out they would purposefully call me Taylor. Now that I am an adult, it’s probably my responsibility to legally change it, but is around 500 dollars and I have to go to court.

So my name is a disaster, but as I got older the problem continued. When I got my license the DMV got my birthday wrong, making me a year older. As a 16 year old this was the best news ever because I was 21 a year earlier. Well this actually turned out to be the worst thing ever. When I got to college and started traveling for soccer, they made my flight with the wrong legal name and a birthday that didn’t match my license! I had to go get a whole new ticket and barely made the flight. My high school friend group also planned a huge trip to Cabo, and when I went to go get a passport I realized I couldn’t because my ID didn’t match my birth certificate. Also my ID is vertical, so even if I hypothetically were to try and use my 21-year-old ID a year early, New Mexico doesn’t except vertical IDs.

It was horrible. I was always too scared to get it fixed because I let it go on for so long. I also stupidly read on Yahoo Answers how it was a criminal offense or something, so I was always a little scared. Finally this spring break I sucked it up, and went to fix my ID. They literally didn’t care at all! They just looked at my birth certificate, changed the numbers, and told me I would get a new ID in two weeks. All that worrying for nothing. Next one up is the name change….that is another monster I just do not want to deal with.

Getting my ID changed was awesome, but the highlight of my break would have to be going to UCSB to visit my friend, and going to the beach with my friends and sister. I also started to get better at surfing, I no longer plunge my face into the ground each time I try and stand up! Here are a few photos from my trip!

Santa Barbra

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San Clemente

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Ready or Not, Spring Break

So spring break is just around the corner and it is time to eat healthy and get ready for that beach bod. NOT wow did I fail. It’s the week before spring break and all I can do is stress because of all my midterms and things I have to get done before I go back home for the break. I went crazy with breads and sugars and well, basically anything I possibly wanted to eat. Let me tell yah, BAD IDEA. I felt even crappier, achieved way less work, and felt like a big blimp. Only a few day left before the great vacation starts, and all I wanted was to go feeling healthy and clean.

Another major problem with my extreme cheating was the amount of sugar I was taking in. It’s Girl Scout season, and come on, who can say no to a SAMOA!! Not I. So with all the sugar not only did I feel gross, my face started to MEGA break out. It might also have to do with stress, but the food I was eating didn’t help. Long story short, with only two days left till my flight home I decided to put down the chocolate and pick up the veggies. I headed straight to Trader Joes and got some of my favorite (healthy) foods. It’s not that I looked fatter, but I just felt gross and disgusting and wanted to go home feeling well, not gross and disgusting. The first step was drinking water, lots and lots of water. I would drink a bottle when I woke up, and followed it by a cup of hot lemon water. The rumor is hot lemon water speeds up your metabolism.

For breakfast I had one large egg and one egg white omelet, with two pieces of turkey bacon, and a half of an avocado. For snack I would eat a Lara bar, and for lunch I had chicken, rice, and broccoli. For dinner I would have left over chicken and rice, which was boring but not terrible. Okay so I had the food part down, and after one day I started to already feel better. Now it was time to deal with the chicken pocks on my face! I looked up many masks online and found one that worked for the supplies I had around the house. On Pinterest I looked up DIY acne facemask. There was a ton of results but I decided to go with the egg white facemask because I have heard from others that it has worked. It didn’t take very long to make, and the results were great! I went home feeling less stressed, gross, and acne free! Below I will post the link for you all to try it out!

Creative Eats!

So far in my blog postings I have been talking about healthy eats, and ideas of places to go, and things to do to get out of the house and adventure. A main part of the problem with eating healthy as a college student is that it can get pretty expensive, it takes time, and it also can get pretty boring. When I started to eat healthy, I found that my food started to taste pretty bland and I was never excited for my meals. Then my research began. You wouldn’t believe the amount of suggestion I found on Pinterest! My first suggestion is to not look up meals when you are hungry! I typed in paleo dinners into the search and there were hundreds of results. One of the ones that stood out to me was one that had a variety of ways to cook chicken. Chicken is good, but can get old if you do not change up the way you eat it. After looking at the many options, one that looked great to me was the Paleo Chicken Stir Fry.

Once I looked at the ingredients needed I realized that I didn’t have half of them, and I could not afford to go out and buy spices for just one meal. So I improvised. Basically I took all the vegetables I had in the fridge and made an awesome combination for the stir-fry. I also had chicken broth, and soy sauce that I thought would be perfect for cooking the veggies in. I think that Pinterest is great for ideas, but it’s okay to use them just as an idea. Throw things together, and try new things. Here is how I came up with my own Paleo Stir Fry:

Whatever you have Veggie Paleo Chicken Stir-Fry


  • Any veggies you have
  • Chicken
  • Soy Sauce
  • Chicken Broth
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • (Pepper flakes optional)

To begin I threw in two frozen chicken breast in to oven at 400 degree for around 20-25minutes. While the chicken was cooking I started to make the veggies. I looked in the fridge and grabbed any veggies I could find. I grabbed an onion, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, and green beans. I cut them up and tossed them into a large zip lock bag. Then I added chicken broth, soy sauce, garlic, olive oil, and pepper flakes and shook the bag. After that I placed it in the fridge and let it sit for 30 minutes. Once the chicken was done I cut it into small pieces and set it aside. I then dumped the ingredients in the zip lock bag into a large pan. I let the veggies cooked for about 10 minutes at medium heat and then added the chicken, then let cook for another 10. It was so great, and it was just from the extra food I had in the fridge!



Trip to Big Sur, California

Recently I went on a rad trip to Big Sur. Big Sur is in California right along the coast about 45 minutes from Santa Barbra on the way up to San Francisco. My friends planned the trip while we were all still at school so we could make sure we could get a camping spot because they fill up quickly. The fun thing about coming home is that all my friends want to do fun trips around California because they miss it just as much as I do. I never understood how much I loved the beach until I moved away from it. I think my favorite feeling in the world is coming home from the beach after being there all day. My skin is tanner, my hair is lighter, there is sand still on my feet, and I do not have a care in the world. Going away for school lets me have the experience of learning about somewhere new, but also gave me the opportunity to really appreciate where I come from. While I’m home, I make sure to do as many activities near the beach as I can.

Something I have always wanted to do was check out Big Sur because I have heard so many incredible things about it. Finally, we got a group of us together and made it happen. It was so easy, and I have put if off for so long. This goes back to my issues of going to go see the ski team. I thought that it was going to be so difficult and put it off for so long. It was not difficult at all! We planned and pulled it off in a matter of one weekend. I had been telling the ski team I would go for two years. So long story short, it’s not as hard as you think. The memories are worth it.

Over winter break a group of 12 of us woke up at 4 a.m., packed our cars, and headed up the coast. Honestly, I was asleep for the first half of the drive but woke up around the time we got to Santa Barbra. One of my friends goes to school at UCSB and she knew all the local restaurants. We ate at this delicious bagel shop and then we were on our way. Once we were about 20 minutes out of Santa Barbara the drive was beautiful, right along the water and surrounded by green. On the way up we drove past Hearst Castle where we saw Zebras on the side of the road! Hearst was a very rich man who built a beautiful castle that is now a historic attraction for tourist to see. One of the things he is known for is how he made his own personal zoo where he bought wild animals like bears, lions, tigers, bison, elk, zebra and even an elephant roamed free.

Once we got closer to Big Sur, we started to drive around narrow cliffs. It was kind of scary at first, but it was hard not to be in awe over how beautiful it was. I am used to being next to beaches with a ton of houses, palm trees, and people. This part of the coast was like being in a forest, but suddenly you look out and there is the ocean! It was an amazing change of scenery. Once we arrived at the campsite, we set up the tents and then went for a hike. We hiked along creeks and then ended up at a waterfall where we sat and had lunch. The next day we went to the more popular destinations, which were by the cliffs. I have been to many different beaches, but never have I seen a place like this. It is hard to describe in words so I will leave the rest in pictures. Enjoy!


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Trader Joe’s, I love you.

I think one of the greatest things that happened to me was that there was a Trader Joes when I moved to Albuquerque (yes I’m being dramatic) but it is one of my favorite places to grocery shop. Not only is Trader Joe’s college budget friendly, it has a ton of delicious healthy options. What I like about Trader Joe’s is that they carry Trader Joe’s brands of quality food where I cannot find anywhere else. Okay enough of my Trader Joe’s rant; my point here is to show you a few of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s. I know that as a college student with classes, jobs, or sports we barely have time (or money) to put a snack together. I have found a few things at Trader Joe’s that have saved me between practices and classes.

I’ll keep it short and simple, I think snacking is one of the most important meals of the day. I cannot pay attention in class on an empty stomach. It is pure torture! If I go without eating between classes, I will go home and binge eat everything I can possibly find in my fridge. This also creates roommate problems because yes, I also eat their food. Have snacks ready and available to grab when you are in a rush or need to eat something fast! It will save you the stomach growls and then stomach pains of over eating.

My Trader Joe’s Munchies

Lara Bars: Lara bars consist of fruits, nuts, and spices. They are gluten and sugar free. I enjoy them because of the texture and flavor each bite brings. I have to eat it slow because there is so much flavor in every bite. One bar can get me through a full morning workout!


Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil: This is one of my favorite snacks after lunch or dinner. It is low calorie and is the perfect snack to hold you over until your next meal. I like to separate the popcorn into little bags with about two cups in each bag. I do this so I do not eat the whole bag in one sitting (which I have done) and also so I have it ready to go when I am on the go.


Just Mango Slices: Sometimes we just need a little something sweet. These dried mangos from Trader Joe’s are delicious. They are all natural, with no added sugars. It is soft, chewy, and sweet, making it perfect for that sweet tooth craving.


Gone Bananas: Then there are those times you need to TREAT YO SELF. These are dark chocolate cover banana slices ready to be eaten. Need I say more?


Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats: I love oatmeal; it is one of my favorite breakfast choices. As a kid my mom would add brown sugar, syrup, and butter to it. Although yes, it sounds delicious, all that sugar would slow me down rather than give me the energy I needed for the morning. I started to add new combinations to make my oatmeal taste great with out all the sugar and fat. One of my favorite ways of eating oatmeal is from the Organic Mixed Berries, Sliced Honey Roasted Almonds, and 1 Tbsp. of Sunflower Seed Butter from Trader Joe’s.





Katie’s Mixed Berry Oatmeal


1 cup Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

½ cup water

¼ cup Organic Mixed Berries

Handful of Sliced Honey Roasted Almonds

1 Tbsp. Sunflower Seed Butter


Add oatmeal into a bowls, and then add water. Microwave for 1 minute. The oatmeal should not be all the way cooked. Then add the frozen mixed berries and stir them in with the oatmeal. Put in the microwave for another minute. Stir the berries and oatmeal. Add almonds and sunflower seed butter. (Optional: add almond milk and cinnamon)

Never heard of Sunflower Seed Butter? Well neither had I until I stared a Paleo diet where they suggested it. I bought it at Trader Joe’s and was addicted. Not only is it tasty, but also has so many more nutritional benefits than peanut butter. I found a link below where you can find more information.