Finals or Cabo?

Only three weeks left of school. How am I supposed to focus knowing that I am going to CABO! I’m so excited; a group of my close friends are heading down the beginning of June for my friends 21st birthday. I have never left the country, so this is big time. Finals are SO stressful, so to distract me I have already started planning outfits I want to bring. I know this is a little extreme, but for any of you (especially girls) who have planned for a big trip, packing is the hardest part. It is Cabo so I’m guessing my main outfit will be a swimsuit, but I also want to get some cute cover up, hats, and summer dresses. Although this seems pretty simple it is nice to have some references. Below are a few ideas for summer looks whether you are traveling, going to the beach, or simply just having an easy go to outfit. BUT as I have been saying I hope all of you have an adventure to go on this summer. Get out and experience something new while you have the time off. My best memories have been mini trips with my friends. I realized I only have a few more summers until I have to get a full time job. Enjoy why you can people!

Summer attire

This outfit is so simple, but very trendy. I hate to use the word trendy, but it most definitely fits the summer attire. MUST have hat. Perfect for the beach, pool, or going out to lunch with some friends. Everyone needs a simple lace top because it goes with everything, and the shorts are perfect to go over a bathing suit or just when you feel like wearing something comfy. Shoes are also great for summer. I have seen the gladiator sandal come up in a lot of new summer lines but these are a little less intense.

91452203bd9f125354eac08be608f808I need some summer dresses and I have been diggin’ the yellow. It would probably look a lot better when I am tan, so I will have to hold off on that !


Can’t go wrong with a striped button up with white shorts. A classic simple beachy look.


ROMPER! I love rompers, it is like a 2 in 1 deal. You have shorts and a shirt in one. Easy to put together and very fashionable.

8ab3e326f6eaf5a477d5f4b8fb95f8e3 80e847c7f09d9c6802ca0503b2048230

Hats. Hats are my favorite accessory, perfect addition to an outfit.


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