10 Things to do in your twenties

A lot of blogs and Pins have been popping up on things girls in there twenties must know, or should do. Some are pretty ridiculous and will never happen, but it got me thinking. There are some habits that I think would be helpful to pick up before it is too late! Below is my idea of ten tips of things you should do in your twenties!

 1. Own at least two pairs of nice shoes

I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but lets face it. Your feet are not growing anymore. It is time to buy yourself something nice that you will be using everyday! I have had two stress fractures from wearing bad shoes and let me tell you, it is worth it to have quality shoes. They also say a lot about you, so make them cute!

2. Have a Cheat day

I am all for eating healthy, but everyone slips here and there. I try and eat as healthy as I can during the week and have my guilty cheat meal on the weekend because I deserve it, DUH!

3. Drink water, lots of water

I have noticed a major difference in my skin and overall health when I do not drink enough water. It’s too early for wrinkles, drink up.

4.  Coconut oil is your best friend

Coconut oil does miracles. My freshman year when I came to New Mexico I broke out so badly, and my hair started to fall out because of how dry it was. I had no idea how to deal with it. Coconut oiled solved it. Rub it on your skin like lotion, and apply it to your scalp and ends of your hair.

5. Money does not grow on trees, learn to budget

Learn how to manage your money and make smart choices throughout the day. Every month you should set aside money for your savings.

6. Make friends a priority

As I have gotten older, it has been harder to keep friendships. Even though I go to school out of state, I still have friends from high school back home. These are people I need in my life and are worth the effort to keep!

7. Be Adventurous

See the world, even if you begin with small adventures right around you. Grab some friends and make a memory.

8. Get off your phone

I can’t tell you how many minutes of my life are wasted on my phone. Stop stalking what fun things other people are doing and go do them yourself!

9. Be single and ready to mingle

There is nothing too serious in your early twenties. It is a time for new experiences and relationships. Meet the world, and do not let anyone hold you back!

10. Remember there is always time for family

Even though I have moved out of the house, I try and make sure to keep up with all my family members. I know it is a lame saying but relationships come and go, but family will always be there. Be the best sister, daughter, or grandchild you can be!


Finals or Cabo?

Only three weeks left of school. How am I supposed to focus knowing that I am going to CABO! I’m so excited; a group of my close friends are heading down the beginning of June for my friends 21st birthday. I have never left the country, so this is big time. Finals are SO stressful, so to distract me I have already started planning outfits I want to bring. I know this is a little extreme, but for any of you (especially girls) who have planned for a big trip, packing is the hardest part. It is Cabo so I’m guessing my main outfit will be a swimsuit, but I also want to get some cute cover up, hats, and summer dresses. Although this seems pretty simple it is nice to have some references. Below are a few ideas for summer looks whether you are traveling, going to the beach, or simply just having an easy go to outfit. BUT as I have been saying I hope all of you have an adventure to go on this summer. Get out and experience something new while you have the time off. My best memories have been mini trips with my friends. I realized I only have a few more summers until I have to get a full time job. Enjoy why you can people!

Summer attire

This outfit is so simple, but very trendy. I hate to use the word trendy, but it most definitely fits the summer attire. MUST have hat. Perfect for the beach, pool, or going out to lunch with some friends. Everyone needs a simple lace top because it goes with everything, and the shorts are perfect to go over a bathing suit or just when you feel like wearing something comfy. Shoes are also great for summer. I have seen the gladiator sandal come up in a lot of new summer lines but these are a little less intense.

91452203bd9f125354eac08be608f808I need some summer dresses and I have been diggin’ the yellow. It would probably look a lot better when I am tan, so I will have to hold off on that !


Can’t go wrong with a striped button up with white shorts. A classic simple beachy look.


ROMPER! I love rompers, it is like a 2 in 1 deal. You have shorts and a shirt in one. Easy to put together and very fashionable.

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Hats. Hats are my favorite accessory, perfect addition to an outfit.

Sooooo What Now?

The semester is coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier. At least I thought I was happy until someone this past weekend asked me what year I was. I realized I only have one more month left of being able to say I am a junior in college, and pretty soon I will have to tell people I am a senior!! Panic mode!! TIME FLIES!!! It is crazy to think that my life has been planned out until this moment. I have always felt like everything I was doing in life was leading up to college. They would say you better do well in junior high because you want to be in the right classes in high school. Finally I got to high school and all anyone would talk about was college, and what courses they needed to be accepted into the college of their dreams. For me, I never really thought about college until around my junior year when my mom told me I basically had to go to community college because we couldn’t afford to send me away to a 4 year. I ended up committing to UNM for a soccer scholarship and I couldn’t have been more excited. That seems like just a year ago, and now I am a year from graduating. I have to say this is one of the scariest times of my life. It is the one moment that is not structured, not planned, and left in my own control as I am sure many of you are experiencing.

Everyone keeps reassuring me that I shouldn’t be afraid, and this is the best time of my life. Let me tell you, I still have NO idea what job I want to have when I am done. I am hoping my dream job finds me, but in the mean time I really want to travel. I watched my sister go straight from her undergrad to grad school and it seemed absolutely miserable. So I am going to learn from her rough experience and take a break after school before I decide if I’m going to go to grad school or straight to work. I know I still have a full year to graduate, but why not have something to look forward to. I’m going to start researching travel destination now, and try and narrow down a place I want to visit. I know that I do not really want to visit very populated cities like Rome and Paris, rather I want to see other coast of the world like in Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, or Vietnam. Yes, I know those are all very different place, but there is just so much out there I want to see! It is embarrassing, but I do not even have a passport….

Below I will post some tips and blogs to planning destinations to travel. I’m going to spread on the advise I have been given a dozen times, your early twenties are your selfish years so fill them with new experiences and things that make you happy.




Possible destinations




New Zealand

(visit the Shire from Lord of The Rings)

yes I am a nerd.



looks very rad

I want to ride an elephant