Ready or Not, Spring Break

So spring break is just around the corner and it is time to eat healthy and get ready for that beach bod. NOT wow did I fail. It’s the week before spring break and all I can do is stress because of all my midterms and things I have to get done before I go back home for the break. I went crazy with breads and sugars and well, basically anything I possibly wanted to eat. Let me tell yah, BAD IDEA. I felt even crappier, achieved way less work, and felt like a big blimp. Only a few day left before the great vacation starts, and all I wanted was to go feeling healthy and clean.

Another major problem with my extreme cheating was the amount of sugar I was taking in. It’s Girl Scout season, and come on, who can say no to a SAMOA!! Not I. So with all the sugar not only did I feel gross, my face started to MEGA break out. It might also have to do with stress, but the food I was eating didn’t help. Long story short, with only two days left till my flight home I decided to put down the chocolate and pick up the veggies. I headed straight to Trader Joes and got some of my favorite (healthy) foods. It’s not that I looked fatter, but I just felt gross and disgusting and wanted to go home feeling well, not gross and disgusting. The first step was drinking water, lots and lots of water. I would drink a bottle when I woke up, and followed it by a cup of hot lemon water. The rumor is hot lemon water speeds up your metabolism.

For breakfast I had one large egg and one egg white omelet, with two pieces of turkey bacon, and a half of an avocado. For snack I would eat a Lara bar, and for lunch I had chicken, rice, and broccoli. For dinner I would have left over chicken and rice, which was boring but not terrible. Okay so I had the food part down, and after one day I started to already feel better. Now it was time to deal with the chicken pocks on my face! I looked up many masks online and found one that worked for the supplies I had around the house. On Pinterest I looked up DIY acne facemask. There was a ton of results but I decided to go with the egg white facemask because I have heard from others that it has worked. It didn’t take very long to make, and the results were great! I went home feeling less stressed, gross, and acne free! Below I will post the link for you all to try it out!


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