Grab your Friends and GO!

I have lived in New Mexico for a few years now, but have yet to explore all it has to offer. My time here has consisted of school, soccer, and sleep. This year I promised myself that I would do more exploring! When I got here in the summer before pre-season began, a few of my friends decided to drive up to the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. I had no idea what I was getting into; I mostly went just to get out of the house. When we got there, all I saw was what looked like a man made pool, but it was actually a natural body of water that was about 30 feet wide and 80 feet deep! There was a few different heights to jump from and for some reason I decided to go for the tallest one. Once I got up there, there was no turning back. I counted to three and went for it. Two seconds later I plunged into the freezing water where I thought I would never catch my breath again. I was trying to act cool like it was nothing, but I couldn’t help but doggy paddle like a 4 year old as fast as I could back to the ledge. Although it was a terrifying jump, and ice-cold water I was proud that I went for it. It was a great memory with my friends and another destination I can cross off my list.

If you go to school in another state, or even if you go to school in the same state you live in, my biggest suggestion to you would be to get to know as much as you can while you can. Whenever I go home for breaks and see family they always ask about New Mexico. Sadly some people knew more about it than I did! This is the time to be adventurous. Make the time to explore what’s around you. You are not going to remember that Saturday you went shopping or lay around watching Netflix (although those are some of my favorite things to do).

One of my good friends that I met my freshman year is on the Ski team at UNM. I have promised her every time they have a home meet that I would come up and watch. It never happened. Finally, after two and a half years, this past weekend my roommates and me made the trip up! It was very spontaneous, but we had the weekend off from soccer (which is very rare) and decided we would split a hotel room and gas and go for it. We went right after practice and drove about 3 hours to Taos where we stayed the night. The next day we drove up to Red River and went sledding before the meet. Once we got to the lift, they let us go up for free because they love Lobo fans. It was awesome seeing the team up there, and they were so appreciative of the support. It was one of the coolest sports I have ever seen! I’m from Southern California, so snow is a rare sighting to me. It was so beautiful up in Taos and Red River everything was covered with snow. This was another great memory with my friends and it was much easier to do than I ever imagined. I would always make excuses for why I couldn’t go, but if you have the time and the right people you can make basically anything happen.

Jumpin’ for the Blue Hole, Santa Rosa



Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Taos//Red River











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